Welcome to Barcelona!


What hidden messages can we read on the modernist buildings of Barcelona? Why there is a big mamut in the Ciutadella park? Why many buildings in the Gothic Quartier are not so old as all we think? Why many local people calls «Can Fanga» our city? Why Canaletes fountain is a meeting point to celebrate victories for the FCB supporters? Was the Rambla once a river? Is a romantic corner the «carrer dels Petons» (kisses street) or not?

Was fake the case of the serial killer Enriqueta Martí? Where did Casanova or Einstein sleep when they visited Barcelona? Was the FCB founder a maçon? Who drived the first car of the city history? Where did Gaudí die? Why did the jewish people have to leave the city six centuries ago? And when did they come back? Where did Carlos Gardel sing for the first time in Barcelona? Where was Carmen Amaya born? Where did Pedro Almodóvar record ‘All about my mother’?

Which is the oldest restaurant in the city? And the oldest shop? And the oldest patisserie?

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Enjoy your stay!



The best spots of Barcelona

sgrada famIf you want to know what to see in this city, these are my tips to you as a local:
Touristic places: Sagrada Família, la Pedrera, la Casa Batlló, el Park Güell, el Palau Güell, the city center (Ramblas-Cathedral-plaça del Rei-Santa Maria del Mar), the mountains of Montjuïc and Tibidabo and the museums (Fundació Miró, MNAC, Muhba, Museu Picasso, Can Framis and Museu de les Cultures del Món).
The real Barcelona: walking the streets around plaça d’Eivissa, plaça de la Vila de Gràcia, carrer Major de Sarrià, plaça d’Osca, or even go to Badalona, Mataró, Vilafranca del Penedès, Vic… Stop in any restaurant at 13-15 h and eat a ‘Menú’ (pay around 8-12 euros).
The city has a free service of Barcelona Wifi for everybody in the main streets, avenues, squares, libraries, markets, etc.
Use the public transport (T10 card), is quite cheap. Mind who is next to you in the underground and in the streets, the pickpockets from Barcelona are everywhere.
Welcome to Barcelona!
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Historical bars

Dalí, Miró, Machín, Carlos Gardel, Federico García Lorca, Georges Orwell, Jean Genet, Georges Moustaki… were clients of these bars:
—London Bar (c/ Nou de la Rambla, 34).
—Bar Marsella (c/ Sant Pau, 65).
—Casa Almirall (c/ Joaquim Costa, 33).
—Bar Muy Buenas (c/ Carme, 63).
—Bar Pastís (c/ Santa Mònica, 4).

Old shops

—Casa Gispert (sweets, food and drink):  c/ Sombrerers, 23.
—Herboristeria del Rei (medicinal plants): c/ Vidre, 1.
—El Rey de la Magia (magic): c/ Princesa, 11.
—Cereria Subirà (candles): c/ Baixada de la Llibreteria, 7.
—Ganiveteria Roca (knives): plaça del Pi, 3.